How to stop your Jordans or Air Forces Creasing

A sneaker or shoe shield: What Is It?

Crease protectors, also known as shoe shields, crease guards etc. are flexible and breathable inserts that slip into your sneakers to guard the toe box from creasing.

The toe box may wrinkle and rip as a result of daily stress and pressure from wearing your sneakers daily. In order to lessen the chance of creases, the Crease Guards give an internal layer of support that decreases the material's bending and stretching.

You can find up to 2 types in different sizes on our web:

 Crease protectors V2 Foam

Crease protectors V2 Foam are comfortable because of the soft material "Elastic EVA Shock Absorber", you can also use them on several types of sneakers.

Crease protectors V3 Gel Tech

Crease protectors V3 Gel Tech are stronger than the previous generation, so they are more suitable for use in already damaged sneakers.

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