We recognize that measuring your shoelace length can be challenging! When obtaining replacement lanyards, it might be nearly impossible to estimate the exact length if your original lanyards are broken or lost. Getting the exact lanyards you require doesn't have to be hard! To ensure you always acquire the correct length, refer to our guidance on lanyard lengths below.

Uncertain of the length to buy?

Measuring the length of your shoelaces from end to end is the best practice.

Were your shoelaces eaten by your dog? Not an issue. Just measure the shoelace after tying it with a piece of yarn or string until it appears correct.

Not interested in going to such "lengths"? Our helpful length chart below is a great resource.

Step 1: To find out how many pairs of holes your shoe has, count the precise number of stitches on one shoe and divide the result by two.

Step 2: Determine the matching length in inches or centimeters by counting the number of eyelets on your shoe and using the table below.

Step 3: Order your shoelaces

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